Pastor's Blog

This morning, the Internet was abuzz with the news that Kate Middleton is in labor. Thousands of journalists from around the world are keeping vigil awaiting news of the arrival of the latest addition to the Royal Family. One 78 year old man, covered in a blanket displaying the "Union Jack", has been sleeping outside the hospital for 12 days! Curious onlookers and commuters take pictures of the hospital as they drive by on the way to their jobs and families.

While one can appreciate the birth of a child, it makes me think of the birth of Christ in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago. There was no fanfare for the King of kings. His poor father and mother could not even find a decent place to stay in the city. Instead, the sovereign One who rules the universe, was born in a stable amidst the smell and filth of animals. Hardly a place fit for a king.

When the child is born in London, many will celebrate his or her coming to the world.

May this day and every day be a reminder that the Lord has come and lived for a while among us. His name is Immanuel, God with us.