What can I expect at a worship service?
The Sunday morning worship is first of all God-centered and Christ-exalting.  It is a blend between the historic hymns of the faith with the best of contemporary songs of the church.  We are not liturgical but we do follow an order of service.  The preaching is expository, that is, a verse-by-verse explanation of the Scriptures with application to contemporary life.  To see our order of service, go to the Lord's Day Bulletins page and there you will find a recent order of worship.

What version of the Bible do you use?
While there are many good modern translations of the Bible, we have chosen to use the English Standard Version because of its readability and its accuracy.  While we appreciate the beauty of the King James Version, some of its archaic language lends itself to misunderstanding.

What does it mean to be "Baptist"?
We would include ourselves under the umbrella of mainstream Evangelical churches.  What distinguishes us as Baptists is our belief that baptism should be by immersion and that it is reserved for those who have truly been born again by the Holy Spirit.  For a fuller explanation of our beliefs click on our Statement of Faith.

What is your involvement in the community?
As a church we desire to be present in the community as an expression of Christ's love.  We have a standing collection for the local food shelf and we help serve "Meals-on-Wheels" to shut-ins.  During the winter months, we have a monthly dinner for those who seek the assistance of the community food shelf.  This is offered at no charge and is simply meant to bless others in need.

Are you involved in missions?
We believe that God is a missionary God who desires for His glory to be known among the nations.  Therefore, Houston Baptist Church has a long history of missions support.  Our philosophy of missions support stems from Acts 1:8--",,,and you will be my witnesses and Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth."  During the past year, we have partnered with Child Evangelism Fellowship in offering Christmas and Easter programs as well as sponsoring the Good News Clubhouse during "Houston Hoedown Days" the last weekend of July.  In addition to local outreach, we support families in a variety of settings including native peoples in Northern Minnesota and Canada, unreached peoples in Mexico and Panama, the urban poor in Thailand, and urban people through church planting in Sweden.